Wednesday, January 13, 2010


my name is dylla syahira
about me ?
im simple and so sporting person
like to make friend and essy to make enemies

i stay at klang , selngor :)
education ?
primary school in sk . convent klang
high scholl in smk convent kalng also :)

best friend ?

she name is nor fatin atyno , age 17 years
she very kindly and happy go lucky
she my everthing , she understnd me , who am i
die bg aku semngat and mcmmcm la :)

lylyaa shahida , age 17
die nie garang sikit and ikut mood\but she kindly and good :)
die ta sombung even die anak org kye :)
comel , lawa and perfect

family :)

she my mother , im very proud have mother like her
she very gorgeus , and a succesful bussnieswomen ,
she also my idol , in every part ,
she succesful without helping anyone but her self ,
she never look sad infront me , and very indepent person
mother ,i want you too know tht iloveyou so much :)

brother :)
his name is wan mohd hafiz , age 24 year :)
da tunang but his atttitude like 15 or 17 year old
omg! , sometimes he make me angry but i know tht he love me
haha , about my brother die ni kaut naik angin tapi baik wok ! haha :)

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