Friday, August 20, 2010

This My Last Day :)

Heyy , this my last day using this blog , after this i not use this anymore :) i made a new one , and no one know about it :) except mt bff :) this blog give me many feeling , this blog also place for me "luahkan my feeling " but i don't know why , some people take an advantge about this blog , so i make a new one :) alhammdulilah my life getting batter and okeyy :) Thanks ALLAH , i also can manage my self and family , even some people make a story so let them be , i don't want messy my life about this such thing , if you want care about my life i say thanks because you care and like me :) ahaha , but this fasting time , if i make a wrong just tell in front me , i will accepted what i do wrong , and i begging please do not make story anymore , i just like a normal person , if you don't like me , its okey but please not don't make a story about me , i tired with this such things , THANKS and HAPPY RAYA :) if i do a mistake or wrong , i'm sorry but let me know what my mistake ,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Webbie with MINE auwww :)

All the crazy shit I did tonight with you ,Those will be the best memories , I just wanna let it go for the night , That would be the best therapy for me , sayang thanks for the webbie , make me laugh and he friend make a great stupid laugh :) thanks , It’s gettin’ late but I don’t mind

Fasting :)

Thanks For The Pengumuman Fasting , I goes To Bazar Ramdhan Alone As Usual And Bored :)Prepared for the tommorrow , many kind of food had :) a great first Sahur , mummy wake me up , along at her Unvrsity and missing with the all memories :) the whole day i be strong , first day puase , maleh want to go school , ahaha :) friday go to school , MR.S YOGERSWARY , was angry :) i just as usual be cool ahahha :) forth fasting , i hugry and testy after nine fasting , i period :) so as usual chekout the fasting time babe :) by the way , time fasting , Bazar Ramdhan Andalas will be the place i buy the food :) because it near and many kind food i kan research :) ,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

okeyyy jea :)

so far im quite okey with my new life , more silent and not many talk :) i could be okey , kawan pon cakap kejap cakap tak :) and i know i dah try lupakan my ex , biarlah , just past is past , make new life , dont want to hurt , pergi scholl dok sorg sorg , makan sorgsorg , much batter tak ade gosip gosip , pahala makin bertambah :) HAHA , balik scholl rmai lagy bole berkawan , its okey , dylla kan strong relex lah , i have a perfect mother and brother , i also have a boyfriend means Kawan Lelaki , so its okey , dorg taknak kwn tak pakse , :) i also have my bff NADDY JOE , its okey jea , alaaaa benda two month jea lagy so sabar jela , dylla mesti kuat :) and 3/08/2010 , Datuk Hamidah kembali kerahmatullah around 3am , mummy morning morning dah nannges , mata bengkak , that time i kat scholl , jenazah ALAHHYARHAMAH dibawak ke Sabah menaiki HOLI /HELI , pity mummy , Uncle J sedih and menangis , his sister alredy passed away , i just think kekayaan tak bawa kemane mane tapy hati yg ikhlas bawak kite kejayaan so dylla just bersabar dua bulan jea lagy :) puasa nak dekat tak sabar nak bukak puase , dlu ade boyf nak bukak puase dengan die skrg dengan kawan kawan pon okey , last saturday night apek and wawan datang umah aroung 1 am , HAHA gyler beto datang dri gombak but best lah lepak lepak dengan dorg , si wawan Gay , haha , :) my life okey jea , even bored but i have fmly and friend , i can life without you and happy too

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparation birthdayy Mummy :)

morning wake up so early , i cook breakfirst for mummy HAHA early present :) around 12oclock after i eat lunch prepared go to office mummy preparation :) birthdy party , i call botak but he not wakeup :) i wearing short dress , black colour , mase nak pergi preparition mummy headache so i urutkan kepale die:) after done , i go but i fight with Alung damn crazy :( after smpai kunci office pulakk tertingal so kena naik TC amik kunci kat staf ,damn penat , beli belon lagy , haha tiup belon dengan botak bapak penat doe :) but gelak gelak jea , around 3 pm amik eki pulak kat train die jady photogrpher :) haha pdhal die nak jmpe family , dah amik die , gerak gy secret respy beli kek mummy :) kalong and fmly dah smpai dah :) rmai lah gak yang ade , best bukak lagu kuat kuat damn like club :)HAHA endthen nyanyi lagu birthday , btw thnks botak helping me so muchh , WE BEST FRIEND FOREVER :) and then party on time kiteorg karoka takyah pergi karoke depan pc pon best , terbaek lah :) bagy mummy hadiah , mmg best , pukul 9 mlm hbs suda :) i hntr eki balik end then botak balik , btw guys thnks coming to my mother birthday :) and thnks helping me :) friend forever :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


LAST EVENING , ONE GIRLS WAS CALLING ME AFTER IM BCK FROM SCHOOL SO I PICK THE CALL , SHE SAY "hey you sape ? i cakap i dylla u? i gf ****** end then i say backk ohhh you lies right , she say no i swear to god , i skrg tga otw nak gy amikk die kat umaa kang i bagy you cakapp kat die , i cakaap okeyy ,and i watingg that time i was asking at my suck bf and then he was deny after i tunjuk bukti baru die say sorryy forgive i , that time i tak sedar sebab that gurls goda i , i cakapp whatt :( i was cry and cry after one and half hour the gurl call me back , you want to say to ***** i say okey , but die taknak cakapp , i was so downn , that time is our ansversy i so crush and heartless damn so , i dont have anyone to share my pob so i just cry and cryy :( after 9 pm , he was call me and say sory for all that and give he a second chnge and i say okey i will because i love our relationship and i love him so much , he say he alredy break with the girl because he just love me and want me but my feelingg say ade masalah nie , i was texting with the girls , the girls say "ehh i tak break lagy dengan die , die cakap youu ex die " i wass like terduduk OMG im so crusshh and heartless , i just tabahh and tunjukkan yang i kuat but tuhan jea tahu , i was texting with my suck bf , he say no lah bla bla bla bla and need rest when i ask o break with me , he crying and begging to me , i was like serba salahh , so i say okey , i trust you , that night around 4 am that girl calling me againn , she wan to ask about **** and i like oh just saayy ,i cakapp swear profesional tak tunjuk yang i down or whtaever after 2 hours later after she off the calling i was strt cry back , until keesokan hari i tak bagun pergi sekolahh sebab mata bengkak and malu if my classmate know , so was sit at home but at home i was cry and cryy damn crush :( at 3 pm he call me back , he such caringg and bla bla , and 5 pm he want to practse for he tournement so i okey , i tak bagy stress or whatever until 7 pm the gurl call me back and damn i totaly down , i was like silent , cry and cry , but after a while IMRAN was calling me , he make me calm down and okey back , fahmi also advise to me and i okey back but after 12 am he calling me back and i decide to break up with him because he unfaith at me and our realtionship , just god yang tahu , that night i nak kol atyno but mesti die kate i ape pulakk kalau i ttbe ngdu kat die so i kept silent :) so i just let chill and relexx and so down and upset and i start cry and the he gf calling me that night around 2 am , hm bole bayangkan takk bertapa hancurnye hati i , hm

Thursday, July 15, 2010


im tired with this all , tired with stdy , tired with friends and my reltionshp , i need alone right now , now i far away frm my bff because i want to conctrte for my stdy , i dont want to hurt mmy feeling btw i miss them , i miss alot atyno . hm entahh lah , bnyak bnda kena harungi , 3 bulan je dylla , bertahan lahh , angap nie semua dugaan , one day , in night , i baring baring kat bilik mummy , mummy say , adik after finis spm you want to do what , i answer law because i want to bela nasb women outside there , mummy say if you want tou must acchieve to do the best for your spm , so i say i try mummy , sundely mmy say if i day who want to take care you and along , i answer back , mumy want to go where , i follow , i wont let you go mom , i love you so much , mummy say yahh i love you too but nie semua kerja tuhan kite redha jela , damn sad i hear like that , mummy say who want to take care my company if not you and along , mmummy buat nie semua untuk korang , dahlah bapak korg tak bagy nafkah , tnye khbr pon tak , i know mummy hurt because abah buad mummy , abah abaikan kami , but im glad because i ade mak , tak kesa lah org nk ckp ape , my mom yang besarkan i selama i 17 tahun nie , die yang bagi kasih sayang yang sangat2 melimpah ruah , to mummy adik buad ni semua sbb mummy , adik tak bergaul rapat dengan kwn adik lagy sbb adik na usaha for my spm bukan i gado ngan dorang cuma buad mase nie i nak alone , many thng messy my life , about love lagy , haih , damns sad , btw i can lose my freind but i cant tose my mother she my everything , mummy adik berjanji im try my best for my spm mummy , ILOVEYOU btw 25 july mummy brthdy , adik kmpul duit untuk beli hadiah mummy , hope mummy suka :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010





Sunday, June 27, 2010

memory :)

last night you sing to me , thnks sayang i realy apprcte , yes i do , i love you so much sayang , thnks , even i not see you every day but i realy apprcte when i meet you sayang :) thnks and sory every day you spent you money damn much for me , you far away now , just imagine you from other country and i ? damn much money need , thnks sayang , damn i apprcte i hope u the last that i meet sayang ,

Saturday, June 26, 2010


OMG :i dont know wht to say , mid year alredy past now trial damn scred about exam but o not prepared anythng yet ! hm , damn to understand account , hm , im not study , going out huahuahau , hadoi , damn scred , last wenesday collgae came to my school im asking for LAW , i dont where to want to go but i just hoping tht unversti take me , idk wht to write , until here i read , bye ! oh yah i was fight with PN,YOGES , damn hadoi , she mad me because i dont enter her class , i dont enter because i go to eat end then i don't know where is my classmate all , huh , damn i don't like her ,actly i TAK SABAR nak habis school , because when schol finish takade la i jmpe friend yg kutuk , mengumpat and bajet hot lagy , memories school more sad , tak sabar nak hbs schol , bole stdy , when out , tak jmpe my enemy , uhh ! iHATE you ! tak sabar tak paaki baju sekola :) yeah !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

about my opinion

fasha ? euww , first time i know about her i realy like her , but after know about she gosip with someone husbnd , OMG , im not trust btw but dah ade bukti , mula lah taksuka , but bile i think back , mybe ade reason , kite takbole blame die sgt , mybe salah someone , oh , i suka die back , brubru nie kat paper metro , ade tulis sal die , OMG , die deny kat ade bf semua tapy kat twiter naik menyampah lah nan die , hm , why die tak jujur jer kat kite , fans yang sokong die , eh btw i bkn fans die , euww , endthen die cm nak blame tiq zakiyah , btw tiq bkn mcm too , huh , if die takpandai jage bf yg die kate my love too , takade la tiq msj , btw tak sala pon if tiq msj , huh , dulu time die gangu husbnd org , urh , sian **** sbb die pregnt and cerai , tergamak gile fasha , OMG , hm , entah la , and ALMY to , jage bf die sndri , berkepit jela , if takut bf die kena rmps , urhh , dunia artis mcm nie kea ? hadoi , tapy tak sala if bf almy kuar nan tiq , dorg belum kawin , tak sala if ajak kawan laki keluar , bkn dorg buad sometng yg dosa , hadoi , entah la , sian la , yg dlu dorg amik laki org .i trust with the word WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND , so , haha , to fasha sndha , sory i hate you , tukar la prgai u , huh , damn unlike

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


three week exam , hadoi mati ini mcam wok , haha , try to stdy hard for spm , banyak presuure dtg , omg , just god je yang tahu , haha , exam exam , do my best , i hope so , baru lepas stdy la awok , adush , sangat sakit pale :) hope stress nan presure too akan berlalu dgn cpt dan cepat la , ta tahan lagy da awok ,asyk stress jer . haha if about stdy tapea gak , ni sal budak yang aku benci , huh , da la malas na cakap , smue org ingt dye ape , aku yg lalui , aku ta tahu la , aku doa smoga cpt2 die pergi dri hdp aku , amin

away from me

i ta na you , i da banyak bagy u peluang , ade org tahu ? ta ade pon , pless , jauhkn dri u dari i , i da ckp ckp terseksa skrg , pergi la dri hidup i , bgy i jalan kan khdpn i sempurna , slameni u janji nan i , na ubah semua , tapy da bnyk kali u siasia kan , u pkr i ta akn buad but i already do it , so u pon da janji nan i , if you buad lagy u na pergi , so skrg tunaikan la , okey , hm , pless la , aku ta na kaw , aku na pulangkan brg kaw bagy smua , lps ni jangan ganngu hdp aku lagy , kaw call mmy aku , for wht ? u make my fmly damn stress , hm im so pity , mammy ta ade hak pon na masuk cmpur hal ni , so mmy paham , u ckp banyak kali kat mmy pon ta guna , cos my decide , ape aku na skrg kaw pergy jauhjauh dri hdp aku , jan ganggu aku lagy ,pless , kaw ade maruah dri , hargai nye , jan merayu rayu , aku da ta na da , cukup la lepas ape kaw buad , aku da ta tahan lagy pless go , im beging , bye

Friday, April 30, 2010


sala ker aku kalau aku berdiam kan diri , sala ker aku walaupon die ta hargai aku ? haishh , entah la , hari jady aku , aku ta mintak hadiah atw wang rinngt , aku just mintk die ingt je , tapy ade die ingt ? dye kawan aku dunia akhrt , susa senang aku nan dye , kiteorng smaesame , bukan aku ta sayang dye , terlampau sayang la , aku mengharapkan dye wish smpai skrg tapy satu pon ta ade , hm , smbut brthdp party aku pon ta dtg , tape la aku phm situasi dye , haha yang aku paling terase , orang len dye smbut tapy aku , ye aku mmg slalu sala kan , haha , aku kawan yg die ta hargai , setiap kedtgan ku mmg die ta pena hargai pon , tapela kalau cam too , mmg sedih tapy redha , bukan na ungkit tapy brthdy die aku usaha kan untuk bud dye heppy , tapi aku ? haha yeah aku tahu kedtgan aku ta pena korg hargai pon , korg mmg ta pena syg aku , korg kate aku ta pena pham korg , tapy ade korg paham aku ? brthdy aku pon ta wish , lagy na mara2 aku , sala ker aku tarik muka ? sala ker ? aku ta teking korg . aku ta maki korg , mmg sikap aku mcam budak2 , aku ta mintk korg bagy pape , ingt kan baik , aku da penat nan ny semua , smpai aku sakit pon korg ta amik tahu , korang ta pena hargai setiap kedtgan aku dlm hidup korg , terima kasih semua nye , aku akan menunngu ucapan korg walaupon pade saat akhr aku na maty ,

Saturday, April 17, 2010


today my birthday :) sweet 17 :) omg , i realy apprcte , the first wish is my best friend ATYNO :) bie thnks i love you :) time 12 am , alif coming at my house he bring cake secret respy haha , he sing song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to me :) realy sweet . sudenlly die keluarkan hadiah , grr , suprise gak ler :) and then hbs tido pukul 5 am :) teruja nye sal kan :) so bagun kol 9 :) bagun , mandi , makan :) pukul 1 pm smbut brtddy :) ramai dtg , auww , HAHA excited with my birthdy and nem phone 'mengelabah cm ta pena dpt phne jer ' haha thnks to all my friend tht wish my bufday even my dad pon ta wish my bufday its okey :) this year the best memories because my brother give me present :) thnks alung adik hargainye :)my best friend leya ta wish :) its okey :) HAHA im sory eki ta dpt celebrtd nan you sbb i nan family i :) plan ths pon ta plan :) len kali la , btw im sory razki razali :)thks to all tht coming to celebrtd my birthday :) and happy bufday maula , tomorow your birthdy :) yeahh , dylla syahira makin muda , bye auuwwww :) i wish tht my mother panjang umur , murah rezeki and i jady anak solehah , amin

Monday, March 29, 2010

i realy mish you mmy :) cepat la balik , adik mintak ampun and maaf kalau selame nie adik buad sala :) adik doakan selamat balik ke malaysia , adik tunggu kepulangan mmy , u evertyhng for me mom , if i lose u , the bigeest mistake tht i get , adik tunggu kepulang you mom :) sayang mmy selamanye , just u mom :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

dylla sent mummy to airpot :)

today mummy go to MEKAH , seruan tuhan kali ke empat :) so i wakeup so erly :) semalm balik party , terus tido , bagun awal , haha :) da siapsiap , pukul 11 am , keteorg gerak gy KLIA , anta mmy :)miss you mother damn so much :) sampai sampai , mmy check in bag kat tempat masuk beg :) haha and then makan lucnh kat mcd , yang tukang bayar and beli nye aku la yang kena , da makan , round round until kul 3 mmy gy pelepasan , :) huh , semoga mmy dilindungi , selamat sampai and selmat kembali :) amin , mom just for you to know that i realy love you and pray for you , may god bless you :) damn much i sayang you ,huh :) i love you mom , you the best mom in this world :) i dont want to lose you , this pic im wearing tudung :) haha first and special for sending my mom :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

karoke with maisara khairy and izrinda sazlini :D

pukul 1 pm aku smpai tepat kat jj , alung anta smpai depan and die balik :D
so i meet "my prada and guess " too kat depan karoke green box :D actualy kiteorng na amik bilik tapi da full ! huh terpakse amik yang kat boz :D
firstly we all amik setengah jam na try dulu cm ne :D besh la nynyi2
voice izrinda and sara sangat sedap :D sara first song nynayi lagu siti :D
eiyz nynyi lagu celion dion :D haha besth !
besth da hbs mase , keteorng gy mkn :D kat hot and rool :D omg sedap gile + kenyang

tht time ade exhbiion kat sane , so keteoorng singah :D ade mcm2 , keteorng try semua yng ade :D haha last2 beli kopok lekor nan air cincau rm2 haha :D da kenyng sbrnye :D
da hbs buhsn , keteorng gy balik karoke amik for 1 hour :D nyni la gile2 hehe
smpai sakit tekak , da hbs 1 hour , we all round2 and minum cholote shake :D eiys and sara minum honey shake :D sedap plak special nye die ade bubble tee :D damn sedap :D
pukul 6 keteorng went back home :D besht , memories yang sgt besht :) thnx kuar nan i :@ love korang , if atyno ade lagy besht , rindu atyno damn much ,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

eiys and eisya lepaking

pukul 3 i amik eisyz , and lepak kat spa mmy for a while , and then bored
so i call eisya , pukul 4 i amik eisya , eiys ade with me , and lepaking
actualy ta tahu na gy mane HAHA keteorng pon lepak la gy jj , usha karoke :)
tgk jacket kat MNG and semua kedai kat jj HAHA
pusingpusing , tersermpak nan ser yen qiun :)
after that , kiteorng gy mcd ANDALS , sebenrye jj pon ade mcd tapy saje ta ade kerja
haha , eisya siap bawak buku akaun na stdy , ta bole tahan la HAHA

keteorng beli aiskrim , i and izrina choose na makan aiskrim sunde cholocte
eisya choco-top , keteorng lepak , gelakgelak haha story about bf , future and many more damn , hepy gile la :) tht time eisya gado nan meen , HAHA kelakar la :)
hanphne jady mangse , hbs kredt aku , : just joke la :)keteorng lpak smpai kol 6 kat mcd and then gerak a.c (andalas corner)HAHA eisya nan meen da janji ta kan breek :) kelakar and sweet word dorang :)damn love with they memories :) besh and then kul 6-30
i hantar dorng balik and then oke , best la , HAHA i damn much korang <33
thnx lepak nan aku , muahh

Sunday, February 21, 2010


the best and the great time tht ever i feel :)
pukul 1.00 pm aku nan atyno smpai kat pavilion :) smpaismpai terus jumpe ressa
she wait i and atyno at infront shop forever 21 :)
we meet , and terus hug :) omg , ressa sungguh comel ,
so kiteorng decide gy makan , sebab lapar ,
i order 100 plus tapy ta ade so order mineral makan nasi goreng cina
atyno , teh o ais and ressa same ,kiteorng gossip , gelakgelak
omg besh gile , smpai afiq dtg :)
da jumpe afiq kiteorg gossip lagy :) after meet , i bgy afiq hadiah cokelt :)
and terus blah , haha ta kejam pon , tapy na cepat , after habs finish our meal
i , atyno and ressa gy bank , amik duit :) teman ressa jea :)
haha and then kiteorg gy pavi balik :D
carikan hadiah untuk frend ressa :) haha kat topman , zarra , padini
haha , after that kiteorng da penat , kiteorg lepak depan kedai bra :) haha , take pic and gelakgelak , ressa jumpe dayat , wow HAHA i nan atyno pon tgk jela date dorng , so sweet :) dayat bawak member tapy member die diam jea so ta best la
HAHA we all jalanjalan and jumpe la azura DJ HOT FM with her husband , senyum and jalan jea :) haha before that lupa na tulis , we all teman ressa tindik bibir ,
before tindik die memekak jea , kacau orng sane , sini , after tindik diam jady budk baik :) she very beautiful :) da tindik semua , we all seacrhing clothes , handbag and shoe :) after tht gy jumpe dayat :) HAHA gy forever 21 balik , gy cari dress :) around 7 pm , i nan atyno da na balik , so i nan atyno hug ressa , omg tht gurl nangs , terharu and sebak gay , so many memories with ressa and atyno , antara nya : kacau budak2 , ngort , lepak NZ , minum teh tarik and bla bla haha so many , sayang ku berdua BELIEVE ME THAT I REALY LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANKS BE MY SIDE ALWAYS :) DAMN SO MUCH , TO DAYAT : TAKE CARE RESSA COS THAT GURL MY GF , IF YOU HURT HER MEANS THT YOU HURT ME TOO :) ATYNO AND RESSA ILOVEYOU :)

she everything for me , my soul , my heart :) love you damn so much

with ressa , iloveyou damn so much sayang

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


my name is dylla syahira
about me ?
im simple and so sporting person
like to make friend and essy to make enemies

i stay at klang , selngor :)
education ?
primary school in sk . convent klang
high scholl in smk convent kalng also :)

best friend ?

she name is nor fatin atyno , age 17 years
she very kindly and happy go lucky
she my everthing , she understnd me , who am i
die bg aku semngat and mcmmcm la :)

lylyaa shahida , age 17
die nie garang sikit and ikut mood\but she kindly and good :)
die ta sombung even die anak org kye :)
comel , lawa and perfect

family :)

she my mother , im very proud have mother like her
she very gorgeus , and a succesful bussnieswomen ,
she also my idol , in every part ,
she succesful without helping anyone but her self ,
she never look sad infront me , and very indepent person
mother ,i want you too know tht iloveyou so much :)

brother :)
his name is wan mohd hafiz , age 24 year :)
da tunang but his atttitude like 15 or 17 year old
omg! , sometimes he make me angry but i know tht he love me
haha , about my brother die ni kaut naik angin tapi baik wok ! haha :)