Sunday, June 27, 2010

memory :)

last night you sing to me , thnks sayang i realy apprcte , yes i do , i love you so much sayang , thnks , even i not see you every day but i realy apprcte when i meet you sayang :) thnks and sory every day you spent you money damn much for me , you far away now , just imagine you from other country and i ? damn much money need , thnks sayang , damn i apprcte i hope u the last that i meet sayang ,

Saturday, June 26, 2010


OMG :i dont know wht to say , mid year alredy past now trial damn scred about exam but o not prepared anythng yet ! hm , damn to understand account , hm , im not study , going out huahuahau , hadoi , damn scred , last wenesday collgae came to my school im asking for LAW , i dont where to want to go but i just hoping tht unversti take me , idk wht to write , until here i read , bye ! oh yah i was fight with PN,YOGES , damn hadoi , she mad me because i dont enter her class , i dont enter because i go to eat end then i don't know where is my classmate all , huh , damn i don't like her ,actly i TAK SABAR nak habis school , because when schol finish takade la i jmpe friend yg kutuk , mengumpat and bajet hot lagy , memories school more sad , tak sabar nak hbs schol , bole stdy , when out , tak jmpe my enemy , uhh ! iHATE you ! tak sabar tak paaki baju sekola :) yeah !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

about my opinion

fasha ? euww , first time i know about her i realy like her , but after know about she gosip with someone husbnd , OMG , im not trust btw but dah ade bukti , mula lah taksuka , but bile i think back , mybe ade reason , kite takbole blame die sgt , mybe salah someone , oh , i suka die back , brubru nie kat paper metro , ade tulis sal die , OMG , die deny kat ade bf semua tapy kat twiter naik menyampah lah nan die , hm , why die tak jujur jer kat kite , fans yang sokong die , eh btw i bkn fans die , euww , endthen die cm nak blame tiq zakiyah , btw tiq bkn mcm too , huh , if die takpandai jage bf yg die kate my love too , takade la tiq msj , btw tak sala pon if tiq msj , huh , dulu time die gangu husbnd org , urh , sian **** sbb die pregnt and cerai , tergamak gile fasha , OMG , hm , entah la , and ALMY to , jage bf die sndri , berkepit jela , if takut bf die kena rmps , urhh , dunia artis mcm nie kea ? hadoi , tapy tak sala if bf almy kuar nan tiq , dorg belum kawin , tak sala if ajak kawan laki keluar , bkn dorg buad sometng yg dosa , hadoi , entah la , sian la , yg dlu dorg amik laki org .i trust with the word WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND , so , haha , to fasha sndha , sory i hate you , tukar la prgai u , huh , damn unlike