Friday, August 20, 2010

This My Last Day :)

Heyy , this my last day using this blog , after this i not use this anymore :) i made a new one , and no one know about it :) except mt bff :) this blog give me many feeling , this blog also place for me "luahkan my feeling " but i don't know why , some people take an advantge about this blog , so i make a new one :) alhammdulilah my life getting batter and okeyy :) Thanks ALLAH , i also can manage my self and family , even some people make a story so let them be , i don't want messy my life about this such thing , if you want care about my life i say thanks because you care and like me :) ahaha , but this fasting time , if i make a wrong just tell in front me , i will accepted what i do wrong , and i begging please do not make story anymore , i just like a normal person , if you don't like me , its okey but please not don't make a story about me , i tired with this such things , THANKS and HAPPY RAYA :) if i do a mistake or wrong , i'm sorry but let me know what my mistake ,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Webbie with MINE auwww :)

All the crazy shit I did tonight with you ,Those will be the best memories , I just wanna let it go for the night , That would be the best therapy for me , sayang thanks for the webbie , make me laugh and he friend make a great stupid laugh :) thanks , It’s gettin’ late but I don’t mind

Fasting :)

Thanks For The Pengumuman Fasting , I goes To Bazar Ramdhan Alone As Usual And Bored :)Prepared for the tommorrow , many kind of food had :) a great first Sahur , mummy wake me up , along at her Unvrsity and missing with the all memories :) the whole day i be strong , first day puase , maleh want to go school , ahaha :) friday go to school , MR.S YOGERSWARY , was angry :) i just as usual be cool ahahha :) forth fasting , i hugry and testy after nine fasting , i period :) so as usual chekout the fasting time babe :) by the way , time fasting , Bazar Ramdhan Andalas will be the place i buy the food :) because it near and many kind food i kan research :) ,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

okeyyy jea :)

so far im quite okey with my new life , more silent and not many talk :) i could be okey , kawan pon cakap kejap cakap tak :) and i know i dah try lupakan my ex , biarlah , just past is past , make new life , dont want to hurt , pergi scholl dok sorg sorg , makan sorgsorg , much batter tak ade gosip gosip , pahala makin bertambah :) HAHA , balik scholl rmai lagy bole berkawan , its okey , dylla kan strong relex lah , i have a perfect mother and brother , i also have a boyfriend means Kawan Lelaki , so its okey , dorg taknak kwn tak pakse , :) i also have my bff NADDY JOE , its okey jea , alaaaa benda two month jea lagy so sabar jela , dylla mesti kuat :) and 3/08/2010 , Datuk Hamidah kembali kerahmatullah around 3am , mummy morning morning dah nannges , mata bengkak , that time i kat scholl , jenazah ALAHHYARHAMAH dibawak ke Sabah menaiki HOLI /HELI , pity mummy , Uncle J sedih and menangis , his sister alredy passed away , i just think kekayaan tak bawa kemane mane tapy hati yg ikhlas bawak kite kejayaan so dylla just bersabar dua bulan jea lagy :) puasa nak dekat tak sabar nak bukak puase , dlu ade boyf nak bukak puase dengan die skrg dengan kawan kawan pon okey , last saturday night apek and wawan datang umah aroung 1 am , HAHA gyler beto datang dri gombak but best lah lepak lepak dengan dorg , si wawan Gay , haha , :) my life okey jea , even bored but i have fmly and friend , i can life without you and happy too