Saturday, April 17, 2010


today my birthday :) sweet 17 :) omg , i realy apprcte , the first wish is my best friend ATYNO :) bie thnks i love you :) time 12 am , alif coming at my house he bring cake secret respy haha , he sing song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to me :) realy sweet . sudenlly die keluarkan hadiah , grr , suprise gak ler :) and then hbs tido pukul 5 am :) teruja nye sal kan :) so bagun kol 9 :) bagun , mandi , makan :) pukul 1 pm smbut brtddy :) ramai dtg , auww , HAHA excited with my birthdy and nem phone 'mengelabah cm ta pena dpt phne jer ' haha thnks to all my friend tht wish my bufday even my dad pon ta wish my bufday its okey :) this year the best memories because my brother give me present :) thnks alung adik hargainye :)my best friend leya ta wish :) its okey :) HAHA im sory eki ta dpt celebrtd nan you sbb i nan family i :) plan ths pon ta plan :) len kali la , btw im sory razki razali :)thks to all tht coming to celebrtd my birthday :) and happy bufday maula , tomorow your birthdy :) yeahh , dylla syahira makin muda , bye auuwwww :) i wish tht my mother panjang umur , murah rezeki and i jady anak solehah , amin

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