Saturday, June 26, 2010


OMG :i dont know wht to say , mid year alredy past now trial damn scred about exam but o not prepared anythng yet ! hm , damn to understand account , hm , im not study , going out huahuahau , hadoi , damn scred , last wenesday collgae came to my school im asking for LAW , i dont where to want to go but i just hoping tht unversti take me , idk wht to write , until here i read , bye ! oh yah i was fight with PN,YOGES , damn hadoi , she mad me because i dont enter her class , i dont enter because i go to eat end then i don't know where is my classmate all , huh , damn i don't like her ,actly i TAK SABAR nak habis school , because when schol finish takade la i jmpe friend yg kutuk , mengumpat and bajet hot lagy , memories school more sad , tak sabar nak hbs schol , bole stdy , when out , tak jmpe my enemy , uhh ! iHATE you ! tak sabar tak paaki baju sekola :) yeah !

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