Friday, August 20, 2010

This My Last Day :)

Heyy , this my last day using this blog , after this i not use this anymore :) i made a new one , and no one know about it :) except mt bff :) this blog give me many feeling , this blog also place for me "luahkan my feeling " but i don't know why , some people take an advantge about this blog , so i make a new one :) alhammdulilah my life getting batter and okeyy :) Thanks ALLAH , i also can manage my self and family , even some people make a story so let them be , i don't want messy my life about this such thing , if you want care about my life i say thanks because you care and like me :) ahaha , but this fasting time , if i make a wrong just tell in front me , i will accepted what i do wrong , and i begging please do not make story anymore , i just like a normal person , if you don't like me , its okey but please not don't make a story about me , i tired with this such things , THANKS and HAPPY RAYA :) if i do a mistake or wrong , i'm sorry but let me know what my mistake ,

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