Tuesday, July 20, 2010


LAST EVENING , ONE GIRLS WAS CALLING ME AFTER IM BCK FROM SCHOOL SO I PICK THE CALL , SHE SAY "hey you sape ? i cakap i dylla u? i gf ****** end then i say backk ohhh you lies right , she say no i swear to god , i skrg tga otw nak gy amikk die kat umaa kang i bagy you cakapp kat die , i cakaap okeyy ,and i watingg that time i was asking at my suck bf and then he was deny after i tunjuk bukti baru die say sorryy forgive i , that time i tak sedar sebab that gurls goda i , i cakapp whatt :( i was cry and cry after one and half hour the gurl call me back , you want to say to ***** i say okey , but die taknak cakapp , i was so downn , that time is our ansversy i so crush and heartless damn so , i dont have anyone to share my pob so i just cry and cryy :( after 9 pm , he was call me and say sory for all that and give he a second chnge and i say okey i will because i love our relationship and i love him so much , he say he alredy break with the girl because he just love me and want me but my feelingg say ade masalah nie , i was texting with the girls , the girls say "ehh i tak break lagy dengan die , die cakap youu ex die " i wass like terduduk OMG im so crusshh and heartless , i just tabahh and tunjukkan yang i kuat but tuhan jea tahu , i was texting with my suck bf , he say no lah bla bla bla bla and need rest when i ask o break with me , he crying and begging to me , i was like serba salahh , so i say okey , i trust you , that night around 4 am that girl calling me againn , she wan to ask about **** and i like oh just saayy ,i cakapp swear profesional tak tunjuk yang i down or whtaever after 2 hours later after she off the calling i was strt cry back , until keesokan hari i tak bagun pergi sekolahh sebab mata bengkak and malu if my classmate know , so was sit at home but at home i was cry and cryy damn crush :( at 3 pm he call me back , he such caringg and bla bla , and 5 pm he want to practse for he tournement so i okey , i tak bagy stress or whatever until 7 pm the gurl call me back and damn i totaly down , i was like silent , cry and cry , but after a while IMRAN was calling me , he make me calm down and okey back , fahmi also advise to me and i okey back but after 12 am he calling me back and i decide to break up with him because he unfaith at me and our realtionship , just god yang tahu , that night i nak kol atyno but mesti die kate i ape pulakk kalau i ttbe ngdu kat die so i kept silent :) so i just let chill and relexx and so down and upset and i start cry and the he gf calling me that night around 2 am , hm bole bayangkan takk bertapa hancurnye hati i , hm

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